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Austria 2,00€ 2005 (commemorative)

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Volume: 7 000 000 pcs
FDI: 11.05.2005
FDC: 11.05.2005
Coin side: national
Coin issue: commemorative
Coin diameter: 25,75 mm
Coin thickness: 2,20 mm
Coin weight: 8,50 g
Series: Series 1
Short description: 50th anniversary of the Austrian State Treaty
Long description: In the centre of the coin is a depiction of the seals and signatures of the Austrian State Treaty, signed by the foreign ministers of the Allied occupying forces (Vyacheslav Molotov for the Soviet Union, John Foster Dulles for the United States, Harold Macmillan for the United Kingdom and Antoine Pinay for France), the High Commissioners of the four sectors, as well as the Foreign Minister of Austria (Leopold Figl) on 15 May 1955.
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AUT Austria (sterreich)
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