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Greece 2,00€ 2010 (commemorative)

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Volume: 2 500 000 pcs
Coin side: national
Coin issue: commemorative
Coin diameter: 25,75 mm
Coin thickness: 2,20 mm
Coin weight: 8,50 g
Series: Series 1
Short description: 25th centenary of the Battle of Marathon
Long description: The inner part of the coin shows a synthesis of a shield and a runner/warrior symbolizing the battle for freedom and the noble ideals derived from the battle of Marathon. The bird on the shield symbolises the birth of western civilization in its present form. Surrounding the centre is the Greek inscription "ΜΑΡΑΘΩΝΑΣ/2500 ΧΡΟΝΙΑ/490 Π.Χ./2010 Μ.Χ." (Greek "Marathon/2500 years/490 B.C./2010 A.D.) and "ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ ΔΗΜΟΚΡΑΤΙΑ" (Greek "Greek Republic").
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